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Poster: Skobud Date: Jun 17, 2011 7:26am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: First Crazy Fingers TDIH

This was a review club selection over at TA a while back, and almost everyone dug it with me being the exception. i think the show has some really high points, but overall the other 3 from '75 are better. Personally, I think the Crazy Fingers is definately one of the best ever. Here is what I wrote about this show:


Ill start by saying this show surprised me in more ways than one. Some parts were worse than I remembered and some were better. I have not listened to this show in approximately two years, so maybe my taste for the music has changed as well. Starting from the top, CRAZY FINGERS is a perfect example of what I am talking about. I think this one is remarkable…Near perfect execution of a first attempt live. Jerry has a wonderfully soft, steely tone on that TB and his vocals are spot on. I love this one. I think it may be my new favorite. It almost has a Reggae feel with that upstroke rhythm all the while maintaining a delicate feel. The crowd just seems mesmerized by this one, and you could hear a pin drop through most of it. The jam out is a little off imo, but otherwise awesome!
BIODTL is pretty standard, but it is jammed out nice-n-tasty toward the end with some very heavy Jerry licks.
DEAL is ok, nothing too crazy going on.
BIG RIVER is a freaking Kieth vs. Jerry cagematch. This one is really good as well. Jerry’s solo coupled with the trading with Kieth, and Kieth’s solo make this one a keeper! Kieth really shines through on this version. Superb! Speedy yeehaw stew right here. Dig it!
PEGGY-O is really slow and really sweet. I think this is how this tune should be played. I mean I think it sounds sooo much better in slower time like this. It just made me smile while listening. How could you not enjoy listening to this one. Jerry really owns the crowd with this rendition, kindalike an old sea shanty or something. Anyhow, this one is a top notch Peggy if there ever was one.
MAMU was nothing too out of the ordinary…
The old H>S>F instrumental comes next. Now I remember really liking this the last time I heard it, but this time around I was not as impressed. I did like it, but found myself waiting for the boys to take it a little further on several occasions. Perhaps it was rust or the fact that it was the first time they played this little combo together. I thought it lacked a heavy spark during Slipknot!, which imo makes this combo a real delight on most occasions. Good, not great. Smooth and well played, but not hot. Hmm…I have kinda conflicting feelings on this one. So they round out the first set, and my feeling is a little back and forth on this one so far…

Blues > Milkin' > Drums > Milkin' > Blues – Im gonna just go ahead and say I am not a huge fan of this combo, but it definitely has its moments none the less. I think my opinion is biased by the SNACK benefit version of this combo which is way better. Even the Snack version(which I just revisited prior to writing this), loses me at times. My mind kept wandering during the listen which tells me its just not my style really…Who knows, maybe I just consistently spoil myself so much with killer jams that this one seems to fall flat. I will say I am not surprised that they dropped it relatively quickly as a jam sequence..How many times did they actually bust this out anyways? Twice?
SMAGS – Nothing too out of the ordinary here.
USBLUES(encore)- Again, good not great.

My take is that this one is that the second set fell flat. The first set had some extremely high points imo, as well as disappointments. I expected more warm and fuzzies than I got listening to this one again. Their jazz fusion style here is not nearly as polished as any others from ’75, and the standards are mostly good but not great. I loved Crazy Fingers, Big River and Peggy-O, and the rest kinda bored me. I was surprised how good I thought these three tunes were, and I was also surprised how lackluster I thought H>S>F really was. Maybe it was rust or new material, but I thought this show lacked charisma in comparison to all others from ’75. Maybe that’s an unfair comparison because the others are all mammoth shows in their own right. All in all, this one gets a C to C+ in my book. That is mainly because of when I think of ’75, I think big. This one just did not deliver the goods like I remembered."


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Poster: vapors Date: Jun 19, 2011 7:10pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: First Crazy Fingers TDIH

Thanks for sharing that. Made me go look up the thread at TA, which I haven’t thought to visit in a good while. I joined up back when, but found that for one reason or another I was more at home here.

I don’t necessarily like compare one show to another, but I can understand the value of doing so when engaged in these discussions. In a year with so few offerings like 1975, I really enjoy it all as there was new material and jazzy vibe.

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Poster: Skobud Date: Jun 21, 2011 7:48am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: First Crazy Fingers TDIH

No problem Vapors - Im glad you enjoyed it and went back and checked out the reviews. Its funny how all the different takes written out like that can lead you to appreciate a particular performance more. I went back and checked out the Crazy Fingers again too. Incredible version full of emotion. Thanks for the reminder. peace.

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